2007 December Slicer IGT Programming IGSTK Slicer Integration

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IGSTK - Slicer Integration



  • Session leader
    • Patrick Cheng
  • participants
    • Steve Pieper
    • Ziv Yaniv
    • Nobi Hata
    • David Gobi
    • Stephen Aylward
    • Peter Kazanzides
    • Luis Ibanez

Technology/Function description

  • Exposing the Tracker functionality of IGSTK to Slicer
  • How to integrate event loops between trackers and GUI Tcl main event loop.
    • Suggestion:
      • Use sockets in order to send data from the tracker and read it during the blocking stage of the DoOneStep() action in the main Tcl event loop.

Potential application in IGT

  • Provide Tracker functionality in Slicer
    • Aurora Tracker
    • Polaris Tracker
    • Micron Tracker
    • Potentially add Robots as trackers (Johns Hopkins)

Which part is already in Slicer

  • IGSTK compilation configuration
  • MRML scene graph structure
    • Transform nodes

What is not

  • IGSTK Tracker
    • Functionality of using Sockets for sending Tracker data to Slicer

Who among us will take leading role?

Basic Demo of VTK Sockets


  • Create a class deriving from an itk::Command
  • Insert code of SocketServer
    • Extend time duration of server
  • Listen for TransformModifiedEvents from an igstkTrackerTool
    • In the Execute() method
      • call comm->Send()
      • Question:
        • use 6 floats ?
        • builds a vtkMatrix4x4 ?


  igstkTrackerToolToSocketObserver->Initialize( port );
  igstkTrackerToolToSocketObserver->Observer( trackerTool_1 );

  • In Slicer
    • Create a class that is a SocketClient
    • Listen for 6 float coming from the socket server
    • when they arrive
      • compose them into a vtkMatrix4x4
      • insert them in to a predefined MRML node.


  transformSocketListener->Initialize( hostname, port );
  transformSocketListener->TargeetMRMLNode( nodeId );

  Slicer, during the DoOneStep() method of the event cycle should listen to the socket inputs.

Design Issues

  • Should Slicer be
    • A Socket Client ? or
    • A Socket Server ?
  • How to pick port numbers ?
    • How to deal with AntiVirus ? (that block ports)
    • How to deal with firewalls ?