2007 December Slicer IGT Programming MRI DEMO

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  • When: 4pm-6pm on December 12
  • Where: Advanced MRI Center at 221 Longwood Avenue, Boston MA [MAP]


  • 4:00pm leaving at 1249 Boylston
  • 4:20pm arriving at 221 Longwood
  • 4:30pm-6:00pm Demo/discussion

Screening Form to Access to MRI

Please indicate if you have any of the following:

  1. Cardiac Pacemaker.
  2. Implanted Cardiac Defibrillator (ICD) Cardiac Electrodes, Pacing Wires, Internal Electrodes
  3. Aneurysm Clips.
  4. Cochlear, Otologic or other Ear Implant.
  5. Worked with Metal OR Metal Fragments in Eyes
  6. Any Metallic Fragment or Foreign Body
  7. Heart Valve Prosthesis
  8. Electronic Implant or Device
  9. Neurostimulation and/or Spinal Cord Stimulator
  10. Shunt (spinal or intraventricular)
  11. Bone Growth/Bone Fusion Stimulator
  12. Insulin or other Infusion Pump (i.e. drug infusion device)
  13. Eye Prosthesis or device (i.e. eyelid spring, wire, implant)
  14. Artificial or prosthetic Limb
  15. Swan-Ganz or Thermo Dilution
  16. Wire Mesh Implant
  17. Tissue expander (e.g. breast)
  18. Surgical Staples, Clips, or Metallic Sutures
  19. Joint Replacement (hip, knee, etc.)
  20. Bone/Joint pin, Screw, Nail, Wire, Plate, Harrington Rod, IVC Filter or Other Implanted Metal Device
  21. IUD, Diaphragm, or Pessary
  22. Dentures, Partial Plate, Magnetic Dental Implants or Hearing Aids
  23. Magnetically-Activated Implant or Device
  24. Body Piercing jewelry
  25. Tattoo or Permanent Makeup
  26. Medication Patch (Nicotine, Nitroglycerin etc.)
  27. Diabetes and/or Glaucoma
  28. Allergic to Latex
  29. Penile Implants
  30. List any other surgery, implant, or device not mentioned above:
  • IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS Before entering the MR environment or MR system room, you must remove ALL metallic objects including hearing aids, dentures, partial plates, keys, beepers, cell phone, eyeglasses, hair pins, barrettes, jewelry, body piercing jewelry, watch, safety pins, paper clips, money clip, credit cards, bank cards, magnetic strip cards, coins, pens, pocket knife, nail clipper, tools, clothing with metal fasteners, and clothing with metallic threads.
  • WA R N I N G Certain implants, devices, or objects may be hazardous to you and/or may interfere with the MR procedure. DO NOT ENTER the MR system room or MR environment if you have any questions or concerns regarding an implant, device, or object. Consult the MRI Technologist or BEFORE entering the MR system room. THE MR MAGNET IS ALWAYS ON.