2007 October Collaboration Visit Robert Israel

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Dates: October 15-19, 2007

Monday 10/15 Tuesday 10/16 Wednesday 10/17 Thursday 10/18 Friday 10/19
NH Available except 10AM-1PM NH Available after 4pm
MJ Available 10AM-1PM
NH Available all day
MJ Available 1-2PM
NH Available in the afternoon
MJ Available 1-2PM
NH NOT Available
MJ Available in the afternoon
10 AM Marianna greets Robert at the SPL
11 AM Daniel Goldberg-Zimmring: Registration
1PM NH meets Robert and taxi cab to 1249 at 2pm.
2-3PM 1249 Boylston, Alex Yarmarkovich: Porting the DTI functionality to Slicer3
11 AM Marianna: Slicer Overview 2 PM Steve Haker: Rigid and Non-Rigid Registration Robert possibly at MGH. 10 AM Nicole Aucoin: overview of Slicer3 redesign and architecture
at 1249 Boylston
2 PM Meeting with Ron Kikinis in SPL