2008 IGT Project Week Dynamic control of the MRI acquisition

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Team:Nathan McDannold, Ben Schwartz, Scott Hoge

Goals: Dynamic control of the MRI acquisition based on US-based signals. This would be to apply existing technologies developed for IGT such as optical-based tracking of a biopsy or ablation probe.


  1. want to move FUS treatments to dynamic target (liver, kidney)


  1. use ultrasound navigators
  2. how many sensors does one need?
  3. different ways to manipulate the MR scan

Results (to be completed and presented at the end of the week):

Over the course of this week, we

  1. discussed new algorithmic approaches to fast US registration, based on recent research in content-based image retrieval, dimensionality reduction, and sparse coding
  2. determined a way to connect the Realtime Data Server, MRMail, RTHawk, DARTS, 3D Slicer, OpenIGTLink, and other components into a system that is capable of altering image acquisition parameters with sufficiently low latency to allow navigation from US
  3. considered extensions of this concept to dynamic control of stereotactic radiotherapy and CT based on US navigation
  4. began packaging work on 3D Slicer to improve its integration with standard Linux operating systems, so that it may be included as a standard component.