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Team: Scott Hoge, Bob Kraft

Goals: Further integrate algorithms from the Fast Imaging Library (doc here: http://www.spl.harvard.edu/publications/item/view/1393) to enable interactive EPI measurements for perfusion, fMRI, and temperature monitoring using accelerated and efficient EPI-based MR acquisitions


  • complete a mechanism to maintain the phase in our pMRI-UNFOLD-EPI-PROPELLER acquisition technique, which is required for both temperature change estimation and EPI distortion correction
  • incorporate real-time hooks into EPI sequence, to provide interactive acquisitions
  • start investigations into radial EPI

Other Notes:

Results (to be completed and presented at the end of the week):

  • extended accelerate short axis propeller epi to use partial Fourier
    • issues w/ recon pending due to susceptibility distortion from blade to blade
  • implemented both double-sampled and 'racetrack' trajectory in epi psd, to collect self-ref data for b0 field map estimation
    • able to calculate relative phase changes using racetrack reference data
    • may be incompatible with unfold nyquist ghost removal method
  • wfu epi psd updated to 3d
  • modified fgre to use modular rthawk implementation
  • rt epi not accomplished, due to difficulty getting rthawk to run on scanner

Igtweek08 fil racetrack.png Fig 1 from Roopchansingh MRM 50:839, 2003

Igtweek08 grad kx.png

Igtweek08 grad ky.png