2008 IGT Project Week Prostate Breakout Session

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  • Noby Hata



  • Final walk through of the steps


    • Power supply
    • Cable (Eithernet, power)
    • Robot and the associated computers
    • MRI
    • Slicer and associated computers
    • Radvision
    • network (IP address?)
    • compresso (connector needs to be checked ?)
    • monitor (how many, where?) (needs one from Monitor)
    • phantom
    • Coil


  • Image transfer (DICOM OK)
  • Z-frame and calibration (Jack was able to get good registration.
  • Open IGT Link image transfer (Tonight, may continue to tomorrow)
  • transferring calibration result (open igt link CLEAR)


  • Planning in Slicer (based DICOM, clear, CLEAR)
  • Planning in RadVision

Scan Control

  • Scan control from Slicer
  • Scan control from Radvision (TUESAY and Wednesday)

Robot Control

  • robot control from Slicer (POSITION CLEAR, Work for TUESDAY)
  • robot control from RadVision (POSITION CLEAR, for TUESDAY)

Device placement

  • Needle (JHU)
  • Seeds (JHU)