2008 IGT Project Week RF Ablation System

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Team: Haiying Liu, Ziv Yaniv, Noby Hata, Paul Morrison

Goals: Create navigated RFA workflow based slicer module with stubs for all procedure steps:

  1. Load CT data set.
  2. Segment the volume using a semi-automatic approach (liver, tumor, ribs, blood vessels).
  3. Manually denote regions as one of:
    1. Tumor
    2. Entry region
    3. No touch - RFA probe cannot pass or ablate this region.
    4. No pass - RFA probe cannot pass through this region but can ablate.
  4. Export segmentation to planning module via text file.
  5. Import plan into Slicer.
  6. Manually localize fiducials.
  7. Start IGSTK based tracking process.
  8. Localize fiducials on patient and perform rigid registration.
  9. Navigation GUI.

Approach: Implement during IGT and NAMIC project weeks.

Results: Summary by Noby Hata

  1. Preliminary work toward addition of OpenIGTLink support in IGSTK. To be released in Feb 2009, at SPIE Medical Imaging
  2. Concurrent release of IGSTK book in SPIE meeting. Junichi was offered to write a chapter on OpenIGTLink. Noby offered to come to SPIE to present the book chapter. The meeting will be held in Orlando, FL in February 2009.

Detailed description of work done

  1. Created an application and code to acquire tracking data
    1. Uses xml files to configure tracker type and configuration (specifying tools).
    2. Supports all tracking devices currently supported by IGSTK.
    3. Support broadcasting (specific request from Noby's colleagues in Japan).
    4. Currently program is command line and receives as input the xml file. Will work on a GUI for users that do not work with command line.
  2. Completed architecure for the RF ablation system.
  3. Completed workflow design for the system.