2008 Platel visit from TUE

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March 31, Meeting Nobuhiko Hata

-April 1, Meeting Junichi

-April 2, 11.00h Meeting Haiying Liu

-April 2, 15.30h Meeting Sandy Wells

-April 3, 11.00h Meeting Ben Grauer

-April 3, 14.00h Meeting Kerstin Kessel

-April 4, 10.30h Meeting Steve Pieper

-April 4, 13.00h Meeting Carl-Fredrik Westin & Gordon Kindlmann

-April 4, 14.30h Meeting Haiying Liu for demo Slicer & Aurora

-April 8, Meeting with Bruce Fischl

-April 9, 10.30h Meeting with Stephen Whalen

-April 9, 13.00h Meeting with Ron Kikinis & Carl-Fredrik Westin to talk about Bram's research

-April 10, 9.30h Meeting with Noby Hata

-April 10, 14.00h Meeting with Ion-Florin Talos

Bram Platel's Wiki page

Collaboration plan



You call this phone number:


and then you input this number:


Conference organizer's passcode is



  • 9am, EST, 3pm, (GMT+1) May 19 (review of the visit, talk on May 8, plan for the student exchange)
  • June 16, 17: Slicer event in Germany [1]
  • June 23-27, [2]
  • Sep, 2008, MICCAI
  • Jun-ichi and Bram set dates for Jun-ichi's trip. Brecheisen and Veresteeg have to be there.
  • Brecheisen and Veresteeg may come for extended time in October after VIS conference.
  • Six-twelve month master student staring (earliest) September.