2008 Summer Project Week:EddyCurrentCorrection

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Coronal slice from a unregisted DTI (left). The same slice after applying the registration model (right).

Key Investigators

  • Utah: Ran Tao, Tom Fletcher, Ross Whitaker
  • BWH: Sylvain Bouix
  • GE: Xiaodong Tao


The objective is to create software for correcting head motion and eddy current artifacts in DWIs.

Approach, Plan

We implemented the diffusion weighted image (DWI) registration model from the paper of G.K.Rohde et al. Patient head motion and eddy currents distortion cause artifacts in maps of diffusion parameters computed from DWI. This model corrects these two distortions at the same time including brightness correction.


  • We have implemented a simple command line module. We plan to add the gradient rotation, sinc interpolation and to make an easy to use Slicer module.
  • An ITK module has been written takes a nrrd dwi in and gives a nrrd dwi back.
  • Will follow up with testing and make it a slicer3 command line module


[1] G.K.Rohde, A.S.Barnett, P.J.Basser, S.Marenco, and C.Pierpaoli, et al., "Comprehensive Approach for Correction of Motion and Distortion in Diffusion-Weighted MRI," Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 51:103-114(2004)