2008 Summer Project Week:FocusedGUIRefinement

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Key Investigators

  • Wendy Plesniak
  • Sebastien Barre
  • Jim Miller
  • Kilian Pohl


3 Things:

  • GUI Refinement

First, While Slicer's GUI is fairly mature at the application level, the presentation layers for individual modules varies quite a bit. This project week activity launches an effort to identify, record and address usability issues in Slicer's GUI across modules and at the application top level.

  • Multi-dimensional viewers

Second, Slicer's Comparison Viewer, Lightbox Viewer, Tumorgrowth and the new TimeSeries work may all be regarded as multi-dimensional viewers. Each provides display and interactive control of multiple 2D slices through one or more datasets. Each of these tools may be more or less appropriate for any given use scenario, but it would be useful to consider these efforts together from a design point of view.

  • Documentation

Third, we want to discuss a plan for module documentation and packaging.

Approach, Plan

  • Develop list of Interface usability and aesthetics problems to address. See this link for a partial list.
  • Make sure all are entered into Mantis appropriately as usability issues.
  • Prioritize their design and implementation, and
  • start the work.
  • Discuss Slicer cookbook (to support rapid and consistent interface development)
  • Schedule breakout session to discuss Lightbox, Comparison Viewer, and TimeSeries work together.


  • Collected GUI feedback from attendees
  • Began a list of GUI fixes and refinements on the slicer wiki here or here
  • TBD: continue this list and publish to mantis as bug/usability issues.