2008 Summer Project Week:GMLongDistanceTractography

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Key Investigators

  • Allen Tannenbaum, John Melonakos, Georgia Tech
  • Marek Kubicki, Eric Melonakos, Sylvain Bouix, BWH
  • Marc Niethammer, UNC


  • To experiment with the new DWI data and GM ROIs.
  • To begin adapting the Finsler Tractography algorithm to handle this new data and to achieve long distance tractography between 2 GM regions.

Approach, Plan

With new data of the gray matter extent to the cingulum bundle, we will begin the process of refining the Finsler Tractography to work on these structures.


  • Slicer3 Connection to MATLAB for faster processing
  • Verified that the standard ODF constructions are not sharp enough for long distance
  • Started investigating work by Maxime and work by Yogesh to get a sharper metric
  • Made progress on the interpolation of vector fields