2008 Summer Project Week:TransRectal Prostate Biopsy Module

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Trans-rectal prostate biopsy robot

Key Investigators

  • PI: Gabor Fichtinger, Queen's University
  • Co-I: Purang Abolmaesumi, Queen's University
  • Queen's University: David Gobbi, Siddharth Vikal
  • Johns Hopkins University: Csaba Csoma
  • NA-MIC: Katie Hayes
  • GeorgiaTech: Allen Tannenbaum


Our objective is to add segmented prostate display to the MRI Guided Transrectal Prostate Biopsy Slicer3 Module for our roadmap project.

Approach, Plan

We intend to add the following functionality to the transrectal prostate module.

  • Add prostate outline display from segmented prostate modules.
  • Utilize Slicer "fiducial" tool for target planning.
  • Incorporate an engineering model of the transrectal robot


The Transrectal Prostate Biopsy module exists as a workflow-driven dynamically loaded slicer module.

  • Prostate segmentation displayed as a model and as a label image. Will leverage code from glyph display to add prostate outlines in the 2D views.
  • Fiducial targeting. Computation of the robot pose from the target position still required.
  • Engineering model for robot can be displayed, model will be simplified, tied in with OpenIGTLink.