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Key Investigators

  • BWH: Wendy Plesniak
  • Kitware: Sebastien Barre


Provide light-weight guidelines and code snippets that streamline GUI development and promote consistent style. This is designed to replace development of text-heavy guidelines (which nobody will probably read).

Approach, Plan

Discuss approaches and content, Draft a presentation framework, begin developing content.


Jan 2008 Project Week

We discussed the design and implementation plan, and have decided on the following:

  • GUI Style Guide and Cookbook will be an independent app
  • Will be launchable from inside Slicer also

The toplevel window will contain:

  • a widget selection panel with list of widgets
  • a presentation panel themed by Slicer
  • an information panel with style guidelines, human interface suggestions, coding suggestions, and links to resources
  • and a C++ code panel that contains snippets that can be copied and adapted into Slicer3 modules.

Sebastien will provide the container, and Wendy will provide the contents. This work will likely continue through the July programming event.


Update: I've completed part of the new design, in the form of several classes, vtkKWCookBook, vtkKWCookBookChapter, vtkKWCookBookRecipe, so that it can be re-used for the KWWidgets tour or other API cookbooks. I'll commit hopefully soon.

June 2007 Project Week

Jan 2007 Project Half Week