2008 Winter Project Week:IGT IGSTK Slicer

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IGSTK Slicer

Key Investigators

  • BWH: Nobuhiko Hata, Haiying Liu, Junichi Tokuda


IGSTK provides connectivity with various kinds of tracking devices. However, IGSTK does not support communication with tracking devices over the network. The objective of this project is to establish Slicer-IGSTK connection through standard network to provides extensible and versatile way of configuration in image guided therapy.

Approach, Plan

We will design and implement a module to communicate with 3D slicer as a class of IGSTK. It connects to Tracker_Daemon through TCP/IP and controls MRML scene (tracker and real-time image).


Jan 2008 Project Half Week

We completed following tasks:

  • The bi-directional socket communication has been established between the Tracker Daemon in Slicer 3 and IGSTK Server which acquires tracking data from device and sends it to Tracker Daemon.
  • Real-time image transfer function is implemented using Slicer Daemon mechanism.
  • OpenIGTLink Protocol has been designed, and partially implemented in OpenIGTLinkDaemon Module in Slicer 3.

June 2007 Project Week

During the June 2007 Project Week, we designed communication framework for MRI-robot for Transperineum Prostate Brachytherapy (BRP Project/ PI: Dr. Clare Tempany), based on vtkIGTOpenTrackerStream.

Jan 2007 Project Half Week

Noby and Haiying developed the vtkIGTOpenTrackerStream class, which gives connectivity with NaviTrack data stream to the Slicer. This class shares a base class with vtkIGTIGSTKStream.