2008 Winter Project Week:IGT Intelligent Surgical Instrument Projects

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Intelligent Surgical Instruments Project

Key Investigators

  • AIST: Kiyo Chinzei
  • Kyusyu U: Hong
  • BWH: Nobuhiko Hata


The objective of this study is to develop software and hardware platform to perform robot-assisted surgery in the intelligent operating room. We have formulated three specific goals for AIST-BWH core: 1) design extensions to open-source software 3D Slicer to support the handling, fusion, and display of massive multi-modality data for image guided surgery of brain tumor, 2) develop versatile and portable inter-device communication mechanism for robotics surgery system, 3) develop open-source software engineering mechanism for project-side development, 4) validate planned extensions through use-case scenario evaluations and phantom data that simulate multi-modality image guided brain tumor surgery.

This joint venture between AIST and BWH is part of Intelligent Surgical Instruments Project sponsored by METI, Japan.

Approach, Plan

Our approach is to use NA-MIC sandbox as the preliminary tools to share and maintain software toolkit for robotics control software. We will also introduce network support of Slicer, recently extended by Steve Pieper, Luis Ibanez, and Haiying Liu to monitor and control robots from Slicer.


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