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KWWidgets GUI Toolkit

Key Investigators

  • Kitware: Sebastien Barre
  • BWH: Wendy Plesniak, Katie Hayes


Evaluate the current roadmap, determine which items need to be added to achieve specific Slicer3 goals, review pending problems like UI testing.

Approach, Plan

Discussion is open to everyone with a specific need to be addressed in the current KWWidgets widget set. We will also discuss various GUI Testing/Tracing frameworks.


  • Bug Fixes
    • Filebrowser on 64 bits Unix. [REQUIRES Tcl/Tk 8.5] => VTK/CMake/KWW Updated.
    • Double-click in multicolumn fields (Unix). [REQUIRES] disabling Visual Effecting in Gnome
    • Garbled icons on some Linux systems. [REQUIRES] disabling Visual Effecting in Gnome
  • Feature Requests
    • Wendy: Cookbook UI. [DESIGNED]
    • Andy/Ron: Range widget => ability to change the color of both ends. [DONE]
    • Ron: new color picker, with color presets/favs. [DONE], see KWWidgets/Color Picker.
    • Steve: Range widget => Control/Shift key to increment by 1/10, 1/100 of the current increment. Rational: the range may be numerically large but visually small on screen, making 1 pixel increment too big. [DONE]
    • Jim: Spinbox widget => ability to change the default increment (either with Shift/Control, or menu). [DONE]
    • Douglas: support for NaN. [REQUIRES] changes in VTK.
    • Ron: The Slicer3 Volume UI is slow => a lot of UI are getting created, for DTI, DWI, etc., all at the beginning; they should be created only when needed. [PASSED] to Alex, who started cleaning it up in SLC.
  • GUI Testing
    • See the GUI Testing/Tracing wiki, lots of products were evaluated.
    • None of them inspects deep enough to support KWWidgets.
    • None of the few OpenSource can be reasonably extended.
    • We need to roll our own, we now have the list of features and what UI should look like.


  • to be entered here