2008 Winter Project Week:Meshing Techniques into NA-MIC Toolkit

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Mesh Exporting

Key Investigators

  • University of Iowa: Nicole Grosland , Vince Magnotta, Kiran Shivanna


The University of Iowa has developed a complete Finite Element meshing workflow to operates from image source through to FE simulation. For this project, we will be creating new Slicer3 execution model programs to support the meshing workflow and to expand the current meshing capabilities.

Approach, Plan

Two tools will be developed to help support the meshing workflow. This includes the following: 1) Tool for material property assignment for mesh elements using imaging data, and 2) Tool to export VTK unstructured grids to the ABAQUS format. Start the development of an execution model for a mapped meshing algorithm that registers a template mesh to a target surface


A utility for exporting the solid meshes to Abaqus format have been developed as a Slicer3 execution model program. This work was tested using existing meshes that have been developed in IA-FEMesh. Work has started on a utility for the assignment of elementwise material properties. This is currently being tested. Finally, the finite element mapped meshing is currently being converted to a Slicer3 execution model. This work continue over the next few months.