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Key Investigators

  • Isomics: Steve, Alex
  • Kitware: Will
  • BWH: Wendy
  • GE: Jim


Several use cases for application of NA-MIC algorithms call for processing of large datasets which cannot all be loaded into main memory. Examples include:

  • full brain tractography
  • population-wide tract clustering
  • fMRI processing of long timeseries

The goal of this group is to survey possible techniques to support this style of processing in the NA-MIC Kit.

Stated another way, is it possible for a slicer user to interact with datasets where the data are not directly in memory using the same interface conventions as if it were in memory. If not, were does the paradigm break down.

Approach, Plan

We will survey what has been done by the group in other projects and discuss how these may map onto the current infrastructure and/or how the infrastructure can change to support them.


Jan 2008 Project Half Week

Several productive discussions have led to the creation of a wiki page to collect ideas for implementation. See Slicer3:TimeSeries_and_Multi-Volume_Data.

June 2007 Project Week

This is a new project for 2008.

Jan 2007 Project Half Week

New project.