2008 Winter Project Week:Population DTI

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Key Investigators

  • Utah: Casey Goodlett


There are two major goals for the 2008 project week. First, we would like to determine how the groupwise DTI analysis framework we have been researching can best be integrated into the NAMIC kit. Secondly, the more technical goal is to merge some goals for tensor estimation and transformation into the NAMIC kit through ITK or Slicer.

Approach, Plan

Discuss with members of Core 3 and Core 3 our ideas for population-based DTI analysis and how they can be incorporated into the NAMIC kit.

This project is also related to 2008_Winter_Project_Week_GroupwiseReg, because our approach currently lacks a groupwise registration module in the NAMIC kit.


Jan 2008 Project Half Week

  • Obtained copy of Serdar's groupwise registration tool Projects:GroupwiseRegistration
  • Added feature to estimate inverse transforms and commited to sandbox
  • Tested procedure on NAMIC DTI validation dataset
  • Evaluation of results underway