2008 Winter Project Week:Prostate Segmentation

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The segmentation of one slice of the ultrasound prostate images
Write a UI for interaction with doctors.

Key Investigators

  • Georgia Tech: Yi Gao, Ponnappan Arumuganainar, John Melonakos, Allen Tannenbaum
  • JHU: Gabor Fichtinger
  • GE: Xiaodong Tao


In this work, we develop tools for the segmentation of the prostate from MRI and ultrasound imagery.

Approach, Plan

Our approach includes grow cut and spherical wavelet based segmentation tools. We will build a command-line tool using ITK which will then be integrated into Slicer3.


Jan 2008 Project Half Week

1. The grow cut algorithm, implemented from the paper: "Vezhnevets V., Konouchine V., 'Grow-Cut' - Interactive Multi-Label N-D Image Segmentation. Graphicon-2005", has been written as an ITK filter and submitted into the NA-MIC Sandbox(http://www.na-mic.org/ViewVC/index.cgi/trunk/itkGrowCutImageFilter/?root=NAMICSandBox).

2. The filter deals with N-Dimensional scalar value image.

3. The Grow Cut filter needs a rough initial manually labeling. This is solved by using an initial label map image which can be used through the whole data set.

4. During the 2008 winter project week, a prototyping user interface was written for the initial labeling.

5. The goal is to put the filter into Slicer where the manual labeling problem won't be a problem anymore.