2008 Winter Project Week:XNAT Integration

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Key Investigators

  • Washington University: Dan Marcus, Tim Olsen
  • Kitware: Stephen Aylward, Will Schroeder
  • BWH: Steve Pieper
  • GE: James Miller


We will establish the primary goals for XNAT within the NA-MIC framework, including integration with Slicer and Batchmake.

Approach, Plan

Meet with key members of the Slicer and Batchmake teams to establish requirements and routes to interoperability.


Jan 2008 Project Week

Meetings were held between the XNAT, Slicer, and Batchmake teams. Preliminary requirements were established for a desktop XNAT application that organizes local files and caches files from XNAT repositories. A prototype of this application will be delivered at the summer project week. Also, the XNAT/XCEDE catalog was established as the primary exchange format between XNAT, batchmake, and slicer.