2008 Winter Project Week:fmri eeg analysis

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Visualization of Electromagnetic Activity (Sleep, Epilepsy)

Key Investigators

  • BWH: Padma Sundaram, Darren Orbach


We are interested in visualizing electromagnetic activity in the brain using MR imaging with concurrent EEG. We are particularly interested in inspecting epileptic foci and sleeping individuals.

Approach, Plan

We would like to analyze the fMRI data within the slicer framework and also use SCIRun to analyze the EEG and visualize the bioelectric fields.


The SCIrun environment was compiled on our Ubuntu laptop. This will enable us to create volume meshes, store eeg electrode locations and calculate electric field streamlines in our brain data.

Scirunhead1.jpg Scirunhead2.jpg Scirunhead3.jpg Scirunhead4.jpg Scirunhead5.jpg


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