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  • Challenge data
    • We have collected 15 prostate MR datasets with expert contours. T2 weighted Fast Spin Echo (FSE) MR axial images were obtained with a 1.5T GE Signa EXITE MR scanner from case1 to case15 using endo-rectal coil (TR/TE=5200/103, thickness=3-3.5mm, gap=0mm, FOV=120mm×120mm, matrix= 256×256). These datasets included 15 men (mean age 63.3 years; range between 47 to 72 years) who were randomly selected from cases of prostate carcinoma performed at our institution between May 2001 and August 2008.
  • In these MR images, contours were drawn by an experienced radiologist in all slices at total gland (TG) and central gland (CG) under the supervision of another senior radiologist. In the volume, the region of TG is labeled with 2 values, the region of CG is labeled with 1 values and the background is labeled with 0 values. 
    • All the image data was in anonymized NRRD format, which can be read and written by open-source software, 3D Slicer (http://www.slicer.org/). The NRRD format contains all the necessary relevant geometry information to open correctly the volume data: dimensions, coding type, voxel spacing. The imaging data was provided without any pre-processing after reconstruction, as it is typically presented to physicians for analysis.
    • In addition to the abovementioned 15 data, we provide case #16 with not segmentation. MR was taken in the same as the other 15 data.