2009 Project Week Data Clinic

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Moderator: Ron Kikinis

Target Audience

  • researchers with medical images that need to be edited, segmented, registered, visualized, quantified...

Tuesday: 2.30-3.30

During this clinic, experts in the NA-MIC and NCIGT kits will help participants analyze their medical imagery.


  • Attendees should bring to Project Week representative examples of the data they intend to work with.
  • If possible, include links to web sites or other reference documentation that describes the data:
    • how it was acquired
    • how much data there is
    • what format it is in (including links to to format documentation and/or example source code)
    • what metadata you have, such as demographics, clinical data, acquisition protocols, etc
    • what restrictions are there on the data (i.e. subject privacy, pre-publication restrictions, etc).
  • Be ready to briefly describe your needs for working with the data


  • xnat for end-users (Dan Marcus)