2009 Summer Project Week 4D Imaging

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Key Investigators

  • BWH: Junichi Tokuda, Wendy Plesniak, Nobuhiko Hata
  • WFU:Craig A. Hamilton


Implement a set of 3D Slicer modules to handle 4D images in 3D Slicer for perfusion analysis, cardiac, etc. including:

  • Handling
    • Loading 4D volume
    • Scroll time-line
    • 4D image editing
    • Recording 4D Gated US
  • Processing
    • Image registration for motion compensation
  • Analysis
    • Perfusion analysis: fitting pharmacokinetic model
  • We are going to organize 4D imaging session during the meeting.

Please join us, if you are interested in.

Approach, Plan

We will work on the following tasks:

  • Implementation of 4D Image module that provides:
    • 4D image loading: Loading a series of 3D images from a specified director. The data can be either in DICOM or NRRD format.
    • Time line scroll-bar interface: scrolling the frame in time-direction. It allows you to scroll the frame for foreground and background screens independently to compare two images at the different time points.
    • Frame editing: Reorganizing the time series data (optional)
  • Implementation of 4D Analysis module that provides:
    • Intensity plot: Plotting temporal changes of intensities at specified regions. This feature is useful for analyzing dynamic contrast images.
    • Model fitting: A python interface to analyze intensity curves obtained from the 4D images. The interface is useful to fit pharmacokinetic models to intensity curves to obtain perfusion parameters.
  • Investigating BatchMake as an infrastructure for time-series image processing.
    • 4D Cropping: Cropping volumes in a time-series data using BatchMake.
    • 4D Image registration: Registering each volume frame to a key-frame to compensate organ motion.
    • Image registration using cluster (Optional)


Before the project week, we have completed:


The preliminary module implementation is described in Slicer3:FourDAnalysis.