2009 Summer Project Week Colors Module

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Key Investigators

  • BWH: Nicole Aucoin
  • Kitware: Sebastien Barre


Revisting the Color module in Slicer3 to expand it's functionality, as well as it's integration with the Volumes and Editor modules.

Approach, Plan

  • Fix bug color module and color picker should work with each other
  • Fix bug FreeSurfer procedural color nodes do not display correctly in Color module
  • Introduce sub menus in the color node selector (may need to subclass the node selector widget, or write it as a standard menu). Suggested divisions:
    • continuous versus discrete
    • legacy
    • atlas
    • FreeSurfer
    • by functional utility (good for registration, fMRI, etc)
  • Update module documentation to include a line describing each colour node and what it's suited for (ie Ocean for registration results)
  • Fix the names to be more descriptive in the drop down menu (FS->FreeSurfer)
  • Remove deprecated nodes
  • Update editing to allow specifying LUTs by hue/range/ramp
    • From Ron: allow quantitative specification (ie 5 is red, 10 is blue)
  • Allow pop up scale widget to show the mapping between colours and values


So far:

  • Color Picker:
    • Sebastien exposing the kw widgets color picker get color swatches method so that can add collections and new rgb swatches, so can add to the default collections
    • Nicole modified Slicer to add color swatch collections on first invocation of the color picker dialog
    • Sebastien added the ability to switch between the grid display in the swatch to a list that can be scrolled (works better if more slowly for large colour tables)
  • Clean up
    • Removed SPLBrainAtlas, use the file
      • To do: fail gracefully when loading mrml files that use this table type
    • Removed FSSurfaceLabels
    • Renamed FSLabels to FreeSurferLabels
  • Documentation
    • added descriptions for color nodes
    • get the descriptions in the color gui help pane
  • Editor
    • Checked in one fix to use the label map from the volume being edited
    • TODO: update the pop up box when the label map color node changes
  • Sorting nodes
    • Set the Category attribute on nodes as add them in the Colors Logic
    • Checked in changes to the node selector widget to use the node categories
  • Pop up scalar widget
    • Using KW scalar annotation widget