2009 Summer Project Week GWE Results Browser

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Key Investigators

  • UCSD: Marco Ruiz
  • Isomics: Steve Pieper
  • BWH: Andriy Fedorov


  • Determine the usability improvements and missing features for the GWE results browser prototype.
  • Collect suggestions on desired interfaces to serve currently unresolved browsing scenarios, such as co-dependent variables.

Approach, Plan

  • Demo current state of the results browser.
  • Describe currently resolved scenarios as well as unresolved ones such as co-dependent variables navigation.
  • Describe limiting issues such as browsing media types located on remote clusters (size, network speed, etc) and rendering custom media types (pluggable rendering framework?)
  • Open discussion and gather feedback.


  • A separate web server application to serve as a publisher of experiments results is of higher interest.
  • For co-dependent variables the result browser will keep a tree of dependencies and re-render all the sliders accordingly every time than any of them changes.