2009 Summer Project Week Liver Ablation Slicer

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Key Investigators

  • BWH: Haiying Liu, Noby Hata
  • Georgetown: Ziv Yaniv


Implement a complete workflow:

  1. Load data.
  2. Manually mark regions (tumor, entry, critical structure).
  3. Process segmentation and export information to planning module (executable plugin with command line options).
  4. Load results of the optimization program.
  5. Configure OpenIGTLink module on Slicer and run OpenIGTLink IGSTK client.
  6. Navigate.

Approach, Plan

  1. Integrate code from Georgetown for step 3 into Slicer.
  2. Decide on appropriate format for describing the output of the optimization (set of trajectories and ablations along each trajectory).
  3. Implement a stub executable plugin as a stand in for the optimization program.
  4. Test the integrated workflow.


  • Completed GUI design and implementation for "planning" part of the workflow.
  • An unique feature in the planning part were tumor segmentation and ablation volume planning, taking ablation magin into account.
  • "Navigation" part 80% done.
  • In "Navigation", "IGT Guidance" widget was designed and implemented to be shared with other IGT investigators.


  • Z. Yaniv, E. Wilson, D. Lindisch, K. Cleary, "Electromagnetic Tracking in the Clinical Environment", Med. Phys., Vol. 36(3), pp. 876-892, 2009. PMID: 19378748
  • J. Tokuda et al., "OpenIGTLink: An open network protocol for image- guided therapy environment," International Journal of Medical Robotics and Computer Assisted Surgery, to appear.