2009 Summer Project Week Orthogonal Reformat Widget

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Key Investigators

  • MIT: Michal Depa
  • GE: Jim Miller


We would like to add an orthogonal mode to the reformat widget in Slicer 3.4 which would force the slice planes to be orthogonal to each other. This is a feature which would be useful in many situations, among others when dealing with cardiac MRI.

Approach, Plan

During the project week, I will familiarize myself with the Slicer codebase enough to make these changes. I will also try to get input on how to incorporate this new feature into the GUI.


We implemented a rudimentary version of this new reformat widget. Although it works fine, there are some performance problems and it hasn't yet been properly integrated into the GUI. However, the bulk of the work is done and these remaining issues should be ironed out in the coming weeks.