2009 Summer Project Week Photograph

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Key Investigators

  • BWH: Junichi Tokuda


The objective of this project is to take photos in the event.

Approach, Plan

Take photos as much as possible.


Total 150 photos have been taken. The photos are available from Picasaweb.

If you don't want to show up in the photos, please contact Junichi.


SummerProjectWeek2009 Raul Demian.jpg

SummerProjectWeek2009 Tina Demian.jpg

SummerProjectWeek2009 01.jpg

SummerProjectWeek2009 02.jpg

SummerProjectWeek2009 03.jpg

SummerProjectWeek2009 04.jpg

SummerProjectWeek2009 05.jpg

SummerProjectWeek2009 06.jpg

SummerProjectWeek2009 07.jpg

SummerProjectWeek2009 08.jpg