2009 Summer Project Week Registration for RT

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Key Investigators

  • BWH: Sandy Wells, Tina Kapur
  • U Michigan: James Balter, Dan McShan
  • MGH: Lilla Zollei, Greg Sharp
  • NVIDIA: Joe Stam
  • Mayo: Dan Blezek
  • Kitware: Sebastien Barre


We will be taking an inventory of 2d/3d registration algorithms available between our groups, and accelerating at least one using CUDA for NVIDIA hardware.

Approach, Plan

DRR creation is a compute+memory intensive task of our 2d/3d registration algorithms and we plan to accelerate that using CUDA.


We achieved the following:

  • started cuda acceleration of the drr creation routine from plastimatch (greg sharp)
  • started using cmake for 2d/3d registration code base from mvis (sandy wells)
  • obtained phantom data (CT and projections) from U Michigan