2009 Summer Project Week Spherical Mesh Diffeomorphic Demons Registration

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Key Investigators

  • MIT: Thomas Yeo, Polina Goland
  • Kitware: Luis Ibanez, Michel Audette


  • We are porting to ITK the spherical mesh registration method described in the paper [1].
  • A framework for supporting Spherical Mesh Registration is being designed and implemented. The framework support the generic case of Mesh registration given any transform but will be fully implemented for the particular case of Rotation Transforms.
  • The Diffeomorphic Demons deformable registration method described in Spherical Demons Wiki Page will be implemented for ITK QuadEdgeMeshes.

Approach, Plan

The Spherical Diffeomorphic Demons method is described in detail in the paper [1].

Our plan for the project includes

  1. Implement readers for the surface file format of FreeSurfer
  2. Implement a software framework for Mesh Registration
  3. Use the QuadEdgeMesh for representing spherical meshes.
  4. Implement rigid Mesh registration
  5. Implement a smoothing filter for scalar data in a Mesh.
  6. Implement DiffeomorphicDemons for QuadEdgeMeshes.


  • FreeSurfer readers for ITK QuadEdgeMeshes have been implemented and tested
  • The framework for Rigid registration of Spherical Meshes has been implemented. The source code is available in the NAMIC Sandbox directory QuadEdgeMeshRigidRegistration, and it has been submitted to the Insight Journal as a paper with handle.
  • The code for the Diffeomorphic Demons method is under development. The current version of the source code can be found in the NAMIC Sandbox directory QuadEdgeMeshSphericalDiffeomorphicDemonsRegistration
    • Implementation of the Smoothing filter with Parallel Transform of vectors has been completed.
  • Work in Progress:
    • Implementing the update stage in which the velocity field is computed.


  1. B.T. Thomas Yeo, Mert R. Sabuncu, Tom Vercauteren, Nicholas Ayache, Bruce Fischl and Polina Golland, pherical Demons: Fast Diffeomorphic Landmark-Free Surface Registration, IEEE TMI,