2009 Summer Project Week TrigeminalNerve

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Key Investigators

  • PoliMI: Marta Peroni
  • UMG: Maria Francesca Spadea
  • MGH: Greg Sharp


We are tuning and testing multimodal image registration in plastimatch to allow accurate localization of the trigeminal nerve. The final objective is to register an atlas to patient CT, in order to avoid 3T MRI. The registration would allow the physician to identify the trigeminal nerve on the atlas and plan the Cyberknife treatment accordingly.

Approach, Plan

Our approach is to crop and "adjust" the patient CT histogram and to crop the atlas to obtain a more robust result. The output of Bspline deformable registration is than compared to the patient 3T MRI (whenever possible in the same modality - T1). The MRIs are acquired generally with CISS sequence.

Our plan for the project week is:

  • solve offset issues and parameter handling between rigid and non-rigid stage
  • do we really need to "adjust" CT histogram?
  • investigate why the cropping is necessary for the registration to produce an output "acceptable"

Progress as on 06/26

  • full pipeline implemented (coarse alignment + rigid + affine + deformable)
  • we need to cut-off the CT histogram or re-implement MI
  • cropping the CT to the same region of the atlas is necessary
  • new ideas: validation / correction of registration by mean of corresponding points
  • still needs work: rigid stage needs to be optimized (or maybe not included?)


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