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Key Investigators

  • WU: Dan Marcus, Tim Olsen, Misha Milchenko
  • BWH: Steve Pieper, Wendy Plesniak, Ron Kikinis


XNAT Enterprise is a mature application but it is being used in new ways (e.g. XNAT Central) to warrant new considerations for adapting its user interface. XNAT Desktop is a prototype tool that requires substantial feedback and improvement on its user interface. Both applications will be briefly demoed, followed by open discussion and story boarding.

Approach, Plan

We will have a demo and then open discussion. Other related applications (e.g. Osirix will be demoed and discussed) to compare and contrast (and steal from). We plan to recruit a small group of clinician-scientist users in three categories: doing population studies, longitudinal studies and individual subject analyses and hold a small user-needs assessment and brainstorm session on Wednesday AM.


  • XNE is ready for 1.4 release.
  • XND is still in development.
  • RESTful webservices for XNE mature
  • RESTful webservices API for XND under development
  • harmonization of XNE/XND APIs underway
  • Developed 5 use cases for XNE/XND which are currently being modified after more input from use-cases (refer to Use Case Worksheet)
    • IGT planning
    • RT planning
    • QC analysis
    • Longitudinal study (small animal)
    • Population study