2009 Summer project week prostate registration

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Key Investigators

  • Allen Tannenbaum, Yi Gao; Georgia Tech
  • Gabor Fichtinger, Andras Lasso, Siddharth Vikal; Queen’s University
  • Steve Pieper; Isomics


  • Create a module for global registration of shapes via particle filtering.
  • Apply the registration scheme to more medical imagery.

See project link for more details.

Approach, Plan

  • A point set representation for image is provided and the image registration is performed under the particle filtering framework to achieve the global convergence.
  • Through this the long translation/large rotation between two shapes can be robustly registered.


  • In Slicer as command line module
  • Shown in the above figure:
    • Blue: Fixed image
    • Green: Moving image
    • Gray: Registered moving image
    • In 3D view, registered moving image is in Red.