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Key Investigators

Steve Pieper
Mark Scully
Jeremy Bockholt
Other DBPs or interested parties that will need a high level wizard capable of choices and/or complex selection of a workflow.


In the lesion analysis roadmap project, there is a need for a high level wizard in slicer for the user of the tool to select from a potential list of series to be used, registration algorithms, segmentation algorithms, etc.

Approach, Plan

We will use the lupus lesion analysis module as a test case for development of a prototype high level wizard.

Here is an example use case and some requirements for a prototype high level wizard:

  1. interview the user to find out what they wish to do, by means of a selecting from a hierarchical list. I would group the module by human/animal, type of analysis, etc.
  2. based on what the user selects, ask the user to provide the image(s) that they have available
  3. for each provided image
    1. should image be registered to an atlas
    2. if multiple images should given image be co-registered to another image in the list
    3. should brain extraction be performed on given image or should a brain mask be used
    4. should bias field correction be performed on the given image
    5. should intensity standardization be performed
  4. tissue classify image
  5. segment lesions
  6. summarize lesions

Based on what the user selected, this high level wizard would recommend a workflow that would be aware of what steps are required OR what choices are availabe. Each choice that is made would prompt the user for any substeps or dependencies.

once complete with a single case, the wizard should assist the user with saving out the particular workflow chosen such that it could be used as a template in future cases.

If a template is available the user should be able to work with catalog of images to run a batch of analyses.

This would potentially include the ability to run GWE where relevant/available.


  • We decided to start by modifying some example scripted wizard code that implements a registration front end
  • We reviewed the needed steps for creating a simple wizard for this task
  • We decided to try making the wizard appear as a toplevel (dialog) to focus the clinical users on this specific task
  • We are reviewing options to create a wrapper script to launch slicer directly to the wizard dialog
  • Prototype steps
    • Load images
    • Intensity Standardization (moving T1, T2, FLAIR, brain mask, reference T1, T2 FLAIR, brain mask, ouput T1, T2, FLAIR)
    • PredictLesions (Output 1 & 3 of IS step, brain mask, model file, lesion label output)
    • FilterLesions (lesion label output form PL, optional minimum lesion size)