2009 Winter Project Week:LesionAlgorithms

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Key Investigators

Mark, Marcel, Vince, Ross, Jeremy


We have tested several algorithms and approaches for classifying white matter lesions.
There are also other methods within the NA-MIC kit and and external approach that is being developed to be used within Slicer (WMLS).
Currently for our end to end tutorial, we have implemented a novel algorithm because the generalizability of our previous method to the clinical sample was poor.
We need to make a final selection on choice of algorithm and any resulting optimization strategy to be used for final analysis and a timely manuscript.

Approach, Plan

Review comparisons of NA-MIC kit tools EM-Segment, Prastawa Method, Magnotta Method, a new method a UPenn, etc
What is the best approach to use for the roadmap project?
What if anything can be leveraged or combined into a universal method?
This work should lead towards planned MICCAI (march 8 due date) or other venue paper on white matter lesion also plan on immediately after full application/analysis of a clinical lupus sample (n=62).


  • We have prepared an HBM abstract for submission on Sunday, 01/11/09
  • Scoped out a manuscript submission to MICCAI for March 8th.
  • In a parallel effort we'll be doing a comparison of lesion classification methods for neuroimage submission with Marcel, Vince Magnotta, and other intersted parties for future submission at a conference to be determined.