2009 Winter Project Week:LongitudinalLesions

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Key Investigators

Marcel Prastawa

Mark Scully, MIND

Jeremy Bockholt, MIND

Andrey Fedorov, William and Mary, BWH


The second year of the lupus DBP is to provide a longitudinal analysis of white matter lesions such that they can characterized has they change over time (location, size, intesity).
We also will need to be able to relate these changes to any clinical or congitive symptoms, treatment regime, etc.
Thus, for this project we will establish requirements for longitudinal analysis of lesions and an implementation plan between now and end of year 2 (july 31), including any relevant work during the 2009 summer programming week.

Approach, Plan

Review Kilians work with tumor growth see what if anything can be used Determine a plan between now and august to finish the longitudinal analysis portion of the roadmap project


  • Initiated discussion about the requirements, and where ChangeTracker fits. See the working document here