2009 Winter Project Week SlicerLayouts

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Current layouts in Slicer

Key Investigators

  • GE: Jim Miller
  • BWH: Wendy Plesniak
  • Isomics: Steve Pieper


Currently Slicer has the ability to display a fixed set of layouts (often called 'hanging protocols' on Radiology Workstations). Most commercial packages offer a richer set of default layouts that are appropriate for certain modalities and studies, and an ability to configure and save custom layouts. This project will adapt Slicer's existing software to offer default layouts familiar to radiologists, and will develop new software and GUI to let users create and save custom layouts as well.

Approach, Plan

  • Review the current implementation in Slicer,
  • design a new layout module in Slicer's Base, and its interface.
  • Study default layouts commonly provided by commercial software and
  • create them as selectable options.
  • provide ability to show/hide/configure attributes of Slice Viewers & their controls within each layout.


  • Much cleaning up and generalizing of original layout code
  • Creation of a SlicesModule with interfaces to control each SliceViewer.
  • Reviewed default hanging protocols and customizing options on various commercial offerings at RSNA.
  • Discussed various options for representing layouts and considered them against interaction design
  • Decided on approach using compact tree-based representation for layout and simple cell-based modification of layouts.