2009 Winter Project Week XND

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Prototype Fetch Medical Informatics (FetchMI) module GUI

Key Investigators

  • WUSTL: Dan Marcus
  • Stephen Aylward
  • WUSTL: Misha Milchenko
  • WUSTL: Kevin Archie
  • WUSTL: Tim Olsen
  • BWH: Steve Pieper
  • BWH: Nicole Aucoin
  • BWH: Wendy Plesniak


XNAT Desktop:...

BatchMake integration:...

Slicer/XND informatics

Slicer's client interface to XNAT Desktop's REST-based webservices uses the curleasy library, permits UL/DL of data to/from an instance of the repository, and is exposed through Slicer's prototype FetchMI Module. At this meeting, we will work to tag and upload Slicer's tutorial datasets to xnd.slicer.org, and expose an option to download these datasets from Slicer's File Menu. We will also work on improving the usability of the current prototype GUI in Slicer. Eventually, our goal is to move functionality for tagging (describing) scene data into the Data Module, and to move the UL and DL into Slicer's existing interfaces for saving and loading data.

Approach, Plan

  • ...
  • ...

Slicer/XND informatics

  • Discuss nearterm and longterm plans for XND and XNE webservices API and data model development
  • Tag and upload Slicer tutorial datasets and mark bugs & usability problems with the FetchMI interface
  • Expose option to download tutorial data from Slicer's File Menu
  • Begin moving data taggging functionality into Slicer's Data Module.
  • Begin moving remote data UL into Slicer's vtkSlicerMRMLSaveDataWidget


  • ...
  • ...

Slicer/XND informatics

  • Slicer FetchMI Module prototype developed to suport XND interaction
  • Module testing and refinement underway.
  • XNAT and Slicer team had very useful working session, status reports, demos, and addressed current implementation questions.
  • Discussed the idea of being able to upload and query for "associated" or "derived" or "experimental" data (not sure what to call it yet), related to a dataset or collection of datasets. Associated data might be rich text-based annotation, thumbnail images, and statistical parameters of interest.
  • XNAT and Slicer team developed a 10-month timeline for incorporating XNAT Desktop collection support, and XNAT-E/XND web services API harmonization into Slicer's informatics framework.