2010 Winter Project Week DTI Breakout Session

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  • Overview of the DTI analysis tools and activities within NA-MIC and NCIGT, discussion of ongoing DTI project developments in relationship to 3D Slicer tools
  1. Integration of Real Spherical Harmonic basis for HARDI models (Luke Bloy, C-F Westin)
  2. Filtered tractography (James Malcolm, Peter Savadjiev, Yogesh Rathi, C-F Westin, Casey Goodlett)
  3. Connectivity Study of Neonatal Brain Data using HARDI Techniques ( Yundi(Wendy) Shi, Deepika Mahalingam, Martin Styner )
  4. Tractography Picking and Bundle Editing (Jim Miller, Mahnaz Maddah, Nicole Aucoin, Wendy Plesniak, James Malcolm, Alex Yarmarkovich)
  5. DTI Fiber-Tract Statistics (Anuja Sharma, Guido Gerig)
  6. Tractography using DTI Atlasing (Gopalkrishna Veni, Ross Whitaker, Sarang Joshi)
  7. DTI Quality Control tools integration with NITRC (Hans Johnson, UNC)
  8. Stochastic Tractography module in Slicer 3.5 (Andrew Rausch)
  • 11:10 am - 11:30: Discussion ( Guido Gerig, Sonia Pujol)


  • Sonia Pujol, Harvard Medical School
  • Lauren O'Donnell, Harvard Medical School
  • Alex Yarmakovich, Isomics Inc.
  • Guido Gerig, Utah


  • Project developers interested in learning about existing NA-MIC DTI resources, in order to discuss where the new tools would fit into a workflow


  • Wednesday January 6, 10:30 am - 11:30 am
  • Location: Amethyst 1

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