2010 Winter Project Week Deformation Field Visualization

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Key Investigators

  • UNC-Chapel Hill: Garrett Larson, Martin Styner, Ipek Oguz
  • Core 2 support: TBD at project week, Luis Ibanez


I am developing tools to measure and visualize deformation fields and tensors (with application to rodent brains). The goal is to produce a Log Euclidean map ITK filter and Slicer plugin for open source distribution.

Approach, Plan

  • Develop Log Euclidean deformation field filter
  • Develop external module for use in Slicer computing deformation tensor field and its logEuclidean map


  • Produced ITK filter to create deformation tensor image from deformation field
  • Produced ITK filter to create log-Euclidean geodesic anisotropy image from deformation tensor image


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