2011 Algorithms Retreat

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  • 9:00am--12:00pm (with break)
    • DBP discussions. Updates on progress and status including people, software, data, algorithms.
      • Afib (Ross, Allen)
      • Head&Neck Cancer (Polina)
      • Huntington's (Martin)
      • TBI (Guido)
      • Discussions of logistics with DBPs
  • 12:pm-1:30pm - Lunch
  • 1:30pm-5:pm (with break) - Technical presentations (10-20mins each + discussions):
    • Shape Growth Trajectories from Time Series Data (James, Guido)
    • Patient-specific segmentation of longitudinal multi-channel MRI in TBI (Bo Wang,Guido)
    • Spatiotemporal anatomical models via 4D segmentation (Marcel, Suyash, Guido, ..)
    • Shape Correspondence (Manasi Datar)
    • UNC update (Martin Styner), PPTX Presentation link
      • DTI QC using directional entropy
      • DTI Tensor calibration for registration
      • Entropy over normals for particle correspondence
      • Human brain like DTI phantom for evaluating tractography
      • Atlas based DTI fiber tract analysis tools for Slicer, Presentation by Jean-Baptiste Berger with details
    • NonParametric Segmentation (Amelia Arbisser, Christian Wachinger, Polina Golland)
    • Images Spaces (Ramesh Sridharan, Adrian Dalca, Polina Golland)
    • Interactive Segmentation (Peter Karasev, Allen Tannenbaum)
    • Information Based Registration (Yifei Lou, Allen Tannnebaum)
    • Progress on Afib (Yi Gao, Allen Tannenbaum)
    • Joint modeling of anatomical and functional connectivity (Archana Venkataraman, Polina Golland)
    • "What I am doing for NA-MIC" : Overviews from PIs and Distinguished Guests
  • Dinner at Capt. Carlo's, reservation for 7pm
 27-29 Harbor Loop
 Gloucester, MA 01930
 Phone: (978) 283-6342


  • 8:00am--9:00am: Discussion of Core 1 logistics/organization (and NAMIC)
  • 9:00am--12:00pm: Discussion of future plans. Some of the options are:
    • competitive renewal (currently not an option, some discussions at NIH).
    • smaller grants: sliced vertically or horizontally


  • Ross Whitaker (Utah)
  • Manasi Datar (Utah)
  • Guido Gerig (Utah)
  • James Fishbaugh (Utah)
  • Ron Kikinis (BWH SPL)
  • Marc Niethammer (UNC)
  • Martin Styner (UNC)
  • Allen Tannenbaum (BU)
  • Sandy Wells (BWH SPL)
  • Polina Golland (MIT)
  • Adrian Dalca (MIT)
  • Ramesh Sridharan (MIT)
  • Christian Wachinger (MIT)
  • Fern DeOliveira (MIT)