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4D Ultrasound / Hybrid Probe / OsteoPlan

Key Investigators

  • Brigham and Women's Hospital: Laurent Chauvin, Noby Hata
  • PSI: John Magill, Brian Murphy


  1. 4D Ultrasound: Develop a 4D Ultrasound on Slicer (Laurent Chauvin) with mitral valve (shape, position) tracking (Atsushi Yamada)
  2. Hybrid Probe: Develop a Slicer module to register EM Probe (NDI Aurora System) and Optical Probe (BrainLab System), to create one hybrid probe (Laurent Chauvin)
  3. OsteoPlan: Develop a Slicer module (wizard) for osteotomy, for facial reconstruction (Laurent Chauvin, PSI)

Approach, Plan

  1. 4D Ultrasound: Use OpenIGTLink to receive 3D data from scanner (for now, simulating scanner), and using Volume Rendering module (GPU Ray casting) to render the volume. A Slicer module will be develop to navigate through the different volume received.
  2. Hybrid Probe: Use a pivot calibration to find the tip of the probe, with both systems, and use a pair point registration, to find transformation from Aurora coordinate system to Polaris (and then BrainLab) coordinate system.
  3. OsteoPlan: Create a wizard with 5 different steps (cut the model, select different parts of the model, move parts, place fiducials, back to original position)


  1. 4D Ultrasound: Receiving data through OpenIGTLink and using Volume Rendering is working. Need to make mitrale valve detection, and develop module to store 3D volumes on Slicer. Probably need multithread.
  2. HybridProbe: Pivot calibration worked (NDI Toolkit), Registration worked. Need to implement BrainLab system.
  3. OsteoPlan:Basics are done. Clipping issue (cutter too thin) has been fixed ! Need to make the interface more user friendly (placing distractor, reduce number of clicks)


Delivery Mechanism

This work will be delivered to the NAMIC Kit as a

  1. Slicer Module
    1. Built-in:
    2. Extension -- commandline:
    3. Extension -- loadable: