2011 Summer Project Week Breakout Session:DiffusionMRI

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  • Summarize Diffusion Support in Slicer3/4
  • Plans for pre-packaged functionality in Slicer4
  • Support for file formats(Nrrd, Nifti, fiber file formats)
  • Current extensions
  • Available datasets/atlases
  • Desired/planned functionality

Diffusion projects in this meeting

  1. White matter geometry measures in Slicer 4 (Peter Savadjiev)
  2. Re-parametrize fiber tracts for fiber statistics analysis (Yundi Shi, Clement Vachet, Benjamin Yvernault, Anuja Sharma, Martin Styner)
  3. ODF computation through fiber counting (Yinpeng Li, Ipek Oguz, Martin Styner)
  4. Nifti Support for Diffusion Tensor Images (Demian)
  5. Finishing details on the workflows: DICOM->Full brain tractography / peritumoral (Demian)
  6. Adding streamlined tractography to the Finsler front propagation tractography toolkit (Antonio Tristán-Vega)
  7. Tractography Bundle/Cluster Interaction and Display in Slicer4 (Lauren O'Donnell, Isaiah, Demian)
  8. DTI Volumetric Tractography (Steve Callahan, Mark Scully, Jim Miller)
  9. Slicer module for building an average population DWI Atlas (Ryan Eckbo, Sylvain Bouix)
  10. DTI Volumetric Segmentation for Group studies (Gopal Veni, Ross Whitaker)