2011 Summer Project Week Breakout Session:OpenIGTLink

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Interactive Panorama of Project Week OpenIGTLink Breakout (Works on chrome, maybe not on other browsers)


  • 9am: Summarize OpenIGTLink (Junichi)
  • 9:15am-11:15am: Presentations from the OpenIGTLink Community
    • BioImage Suite (Xenios)
    • Integration of OpenIGTLink into the Medical Prototyping Platform MeVisLab (Jan Egger)
    • Piezoelectric actuator robot and Java OpenIGTLink interface (Greg Fischer / Hao Su from WPI)
    • Live Ultrasound with Slicer3 + OpenIGTLink (Tamas Heffter from Queen's)
    • Open Source EM Tracker (Peter Anderson)
    • Hybrid probe (Laurent Chauvin, BWH)
    • Joy stick (Szymon)
    • Random OpenIGTLink things: Python, Msgpack, Arduino (Mike Halle, BWH)
    • Opportunity for the attendees to try connecting their slicer to tracking tools
      • NDI Toolbox with OpenIGTLink will be available at Project Week
      • BrainLAB + IGTLink
  • 12noon: lunch
  • 1pm: where to go next?
    • Real-time imaging framework