2011 Summer Project Week Breakout Session Slicer4 Annotation

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Summer Project Week Breakout Session: Slicer4 Annotation Module

11am-12pm, Tuesday June 21, 2011, Star room.


  • Nicole Aucoin, BWH
  • Daniel Haehn, UPenn

Reference Material:


  • Demo of current state of the Annotation Module
  • Summary of usability issues to be deal with from the Slicer4 usability review
  • Developer specific issues:
    • Integrating Slicer specific VTK widget changes back to VTK
    • Widget interactions
    • Slicer3 .fcsv file backward compatibility: conversion script? storage node update?
    • Caption widget debugging
    • scene view restore losing Slicer3 fiducials
  • User interactions
    • placing and moving annotations
    • editing properties - confusing
    • selection/highlighting
    • passing groups of annotations to CLI's (add default hierarchy nodes to mimic lists)
    • associating with volumes
    • applying changes to sets of annotations

Meeting Notes:

  • picking
    • place the fiducial on the plane at the center of rotation
    • get rid of the manipulate icons in the mouse modes tool bar
  • pause not working with the mouse modes (ruler), neither is cancel
  • pushing changes to VTK
    • check in to Slicer/VTK github
  • Hierarchies
    • create default fiducial hierarchy, default ruler hierarchy when add first one
  • File formats
    • need to be able to generate programatically, open in Excel, R, etc.
    • use tab delimited, or comma delimited with quoted strings - comma
    • display options as comments is breakable, make comments separate, make display options columns
    • location information not in mrml scene file? will scene views work or will files get over written?
      • if it's external file, it's not restored in scene views - it's bulk data
      • inline storage? base 64 encoded
  • associating annotations with models or volumes
    • add the model or volume to the assoc hierarchy when detect that clicked on it to add an annotation - debugging on the Qt widgets list wrt IsA checks