2011 Summer Project Week Live Tracked Ultrasound

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Key Investigators

  • Queen's: Tamas Heffter and Tamas Ungi


Integrate the existing Slicer3 Live Ultrasound module into Slicer4 in order to display tracked live ultrasound images arrived through OpenIGTLink protocol.

Approach, Plan

  • Create Qt module for LiveUltrasound
  • Measure maximum frame rate we could reach (with and without volume rendering)
  • Compare the performance using image actor in 3D view or slice view


  • OpenIGTLinkIF module logic integrated into Slicer4 (as a patch)
  • New Qt GUI made for LiveUltrasound module
  • New logic and displayable manager created for the module
  • OpenIGTLink connection and image message sending added to LiveUltrasound module

Source code available at NA-MIC Sandbox

Delivery Mechanism

This work delivered to the NA-MIC Kit as loadable extension