2011 Summer Project Week Spine Segmentation And Osteoporosis Screening in CT

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With the increased volume of CT studies and the number of slices in each, diagnostic radiologists need to focus their attention on the clinical situation at stake, at the expense of potential under diagnosis of incidental findings. One commonly underdiagnosed entity is skeletal conditions in the region of the spine. Our goal is to create a fully automated screening tool to detect incidental findings in the skeletal system in CT studies, while requiring the attention of a radiologist only in cases of positive findings.

Our first mission is fully automated segmentation of the spine and detection of osteoporosis findings.


Key Investigators

  • Radnostics: Anthony Blumfield
  • Albert Einstein College of Medicine: Einat Blumfield, MD

To join or collaborate with this project, please contact Anthony dot Blumfield At Radnostics dot Com.


Osteoporosis is common, devastating, and treatable

We are building a fully automated screening tool for findings of osteoporosis, including vertebral fractures and low bone density in CT scans performed for other clinical reasons.

Approach, Plan

NA-MIC Spine Segmentation Challenge + full automation

Slicer integration


Basic integration complete

Atlas integration in the works




Delivery Mechanism

This work will be delivered to the NAMIC Kit as a

  1. NITRIC distribution
  2. Slicer Module
    1. Built-in:
    2. Extension -- commandline:
    3. Extension -- loadable: