2011 Summer Project Week Wireless Joystick

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Wireless Sterilizable Joystick Controlling Medical Software and Devices

Key Investigators

  • Swiss Federal Institute of Technology EPFL, Lausanne: Szymon Kostrzewski, Charles Baur


  • Present the device and establish contact with people working in various domains (surgeons, radiologists, developers etc.),
  • Verify if there is a need for such a device,
  • Precise the specifications.

Approach, Plan

  • Presentation during the OpenIGTLink session (Thursday 06/23),
  • Working demo,
  • Talking with oter attendees.
  • Code co-development.


  • Presentation and hands-on demos,
  • Information and contacts: segmentation, registration, tracking and certification
  • Roadmap for Slicer integration in the Neuroglide robotic system.


  • "Wireless interaction device for surgeon / OR environment", European Patent Application EP 11160342.9, EPO 2011

Delivery Mechanism

This work can be used with the NAMIC Kit as a Slicer4 scripted module together with the wireless joystick.